About Gramps

The story of Gramps Coffee & Donuts is simply one of family and hospitality. Greg and Amy Gilmore have always aimed at being hospitable and treating those they come in contact with as family. And for years, Amy had a dream to start a bakery where she could serve people and bring them joy. But the story goes deeper than that.

For years, Greg’s dad, Dennis, could be found hanging out in coffee and donut shops, meeting with and mentoring people. He loved the authentic community it would generate and it gave him a chance to live out his faith. There would often be jokes from others about hoping he would be at North Lime Coffee and Donuts when they got there so they could hear a corny joke and potentially get a free donut and coffee out of him.

Two years ago, Dennis had to stop going to coffee shops for an extended time because he found out he had cancer. He was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma, which is a bone cancer that caused him to be in the hospital for weeks. This prompted Amy and Greg to realize life is short and they needed to go after their dreams and open a coffee and donut shop.

When they started to investigate opening something in Owensboro, they knew they wanted it to be warm and inviting, but with a twist (just like Dennis). Because of this, they knew they had to name it after him; and they knew the best name for it was Gramps, the name given to him by Greg and Amy’s youngest son.

Since then, Dennis has recovered from cancer and he is Alive & Kickin’! Their hope is that the name and the shop encapsulates everything he is…including the sass that he brings to life.

We are Local to Owensboro just like Gramps himself.

We aim to be Warm and Inviting to everyone that walks in. He would never turn down talking to or caring for a stranger and neither will we.

We want to be Fun. Several of the donut names and visuals you will see are directly related to his corny jokes and sayings.

We long to be Creative. Dennis is always up for new things and we want the same. You will see regular experiments and specials in donut offerings.

We will be Giving. Dennis has a heart to ultimately love and help people. That will be your experience at Gramps!